Types of Dermatomyositis

Dermatomyositis is classified into different subtypes based on the extent of skin or muscle involvement:

Adermatopathic dermatomyositis (Dermatomyositis sine dermatitis)

•  Muscle weakness and histopathological signs similar to dermatomyositis, without the cutaneous features3,5
•  Transient or poorly recognised rash2 
•  Many of these patients are likely misclassified and instead may be cases of overlap myositis5

Myopathic dermatomyositis

•  Characteristic skin rash together with muscle weakness1-3

Amyopathic dermatomyositis (Dermatomyositis sine myositis)

•  Cutaneous features without clinical muscle weakness for ≥ 6 months4
•  On biopsy, subclinical muscular involvement often detected2  
•  Accounts for 5–20% of patients with dermatomyositis4,5

Juvenile dermatomyositis occurs in patients < 18 years old at onset3

managedermatomyositis.com, breakout-on-hands-gottron-signs
Gottron signs on hands (courtesy of Prof. Patrick Cherin)

Dermatomyositis affects both adults and children1, with subtypes varying in the extent of skin and muscle involvement.1-5


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